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Ribbond Wetting Resin

Ribbond Wetting Resin
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Features * No alcohol, no organic solvents, primers, or acidic monomers * Unfilled resin for optimized fiber bonding * Works with all light and dual-cure resins About Wetting Resin One of the first steps in using Ribbond is to wet the Ribbond with a plain unfilled enamel bonding resin. Most one bottle bonding resins contain organic solvents, dentin primers, or self-etchants (these types of resins should not be used to wet the Ribbond). Use your favorite bonding system to bond to tooth structure but wet the Ribband with a enamel bonding resin that does not contain solvents, primers and etchants. If your office does not have a suitable enamel bonding resin, try Ribbond Wetting Resin.
5ml bottle