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 Our customers are already enjoying premium products with excellent reliability compared to other budget brands.

  With our REWARD POINTS program, your next purchase can cost you less , which means more savings to you

​​  The more you buy, the more you save. 



Reward Points 

1.  How to accumulate/accrue points?

Every "$" Dollar equals 1 point.  Points will automatically save to your account when you checkout to be used later.

2.  How do I use my points I have earned?

Enter your rewards point code in the cart during checkout.  Follow our point scale and either input "USE2500" or "USE10000" based on the points you currently have.

Our Point Scale:


Reward Points ($) Dollar Amount Reward Point Code
2,500 $25.00 USE2500
10,000 $100.00 USE10000

Each code can only be currently used once per checkout.  After each code is used and checkout has been completed, the code will deduct from your total points you have accrued in your account.

3.  Where can I see how many points I have left?

You can view your total points in your "My Account" page.  Please see screen capture for more details:


4.  Where do I use my Rewards Points?

Input your rewards points in the cart page right before checking out.  Please see screen capture for more details: