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Meta Biomed Paper Points 2 percent Taper Assorted (15-40)

Meta Biomed Paper Points 2 percent Taper Assorted (15-40)
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Meta Absorbant Paper Points are color-coded, spill proof, and are available with or without a taper . They are handrolled for extra absorbency, rigid enough to insert into canals without bending, and come in sterilized, individual packages. Choose between ISO standardized sizes (8-140) or accessory sizes (XX-Fine, X-Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse, X-Coarse). Also available is the Endo Organizer, which has 12 compartments in a circle for easy access of different point sizes. Meta Points are also available in several different sizes and packaging systems. Color Coding System: White - 15 Yellow - 20 Red - 25 Blue - 30 Green - 35 Black - 40
200 Colour Coded Points